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DICOM / HL7 Routing

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~ Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier ~ 

Pain Points:

  • Inefficient workflows
  • Expensive migrations
  • Individual HL7 interface costs, delays and workflow interruptions
  • Forklift PACS upgrades
  • Individual configurations per modality to send to PACS or VNA


  • Smart, Advanced Routing
  • Big savings on time & money
  • Reduce custom HL7 interfaces
  • Much easier EMR & PACS transition
  • Easily support new and legacy modalities

Case Study

Switch to sophisticated, intelligent, reliable routing

– Speed, reliability, resiliency

– Bandwidth and limited technical resources at   remote sites

– Using modalities as routers

– Infrastructure and hardware needed to scale

– Fast image transfer

– Scalability

– Support for complex routing

– Efficient use of resources

– Enable multiple workflows without manual intervention

Support complex prefetching

– Gathering priors from multiple locations/archives

– Sourcing relevant studies

– Workflows to deliver to the point of care

– Fast access to priors regardless of originating source

– Support for reading protocols

– Rules-driven logic ensures only relevant studies are presented

Who uses Dicom Systems?

PACS Integrations

EMR/EHR Integrations

Dicom Systems solutions are now available on the Google Cloud Platform.