Share Solutions

Securely Share Medical Data with Patients and Medical Professionals

Streamed on demand through the cloud

How do I share?

1.Using Vertex; combine, edit, and package the data to be shared.
2.Select Vertex Share, enter email address(es) or select from the list.
3.Choose any additional destinations; click submit.

How do they access?

1.Receive the email with a time-sensitive link to the data package.
2.Click on the link and input password to gain access to the content.
3.Select data format and viewer; click Download.

  • Medical data is retained locally and streamed on demand through the Vertex Share cloud.
  • Streaming minimizes upload bandwidth, eliminates cloud storage costs and significantly reduces security risks.
  • DICOM studies, paper, and other digital content are combined by Vertex into a single package ready for sharing.
  • Packaged data can be sent to multiple Destinations (CD, USB, …) under the same job – eliminating duplication of effort.
  • No account set up is necessary for recipients – simplify their process, save time and money.
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