Share images without storing or uploading to the Cloud!

Vertex Share only streams through a secure cloud but never stores your images.

Securely Share, No CLOUD Upload

  • Securely Share Medical Data with Patients and Medical Professionals
  • Medical data is retained locally and is only quickly streamed on demand through the Vertex Share cloud.
  • Streaming minimizes upload bandwidth, eliminates cloud storage costs and greatly reduces security risks.

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What is it?

Vertex SHARE is a cloud-brokered solution for securely sharing medical data with providers and patients.


Use Vertex to collate and share DICOM studies, paper, film, office documents, visible light images, video, and other digital content. Selected recipients will receive an email notification with an Access Link to review and download the shared data. No account setup required, just enter the Access Code provided when the SHARE was created.


No special software required, just an ordinary web browser. Recipients are provided with a choice of download formats—either a ZIP archive, or a virtual CD/DVD (ISO image) file—as well as the option to include viewing software. Large datasets such as those associated with Release of Information requests are handled with ease thanks to multi-download spanning feature of SHARE.


  • End-to-end encryption: Data in transit is always encrypted. Network transport utilizes TLS v1.2. Static data encrypted with AES-CBC 256bit.
  • No in-bound firewall exceptions: Vertex SHARE utilizes IT-friendly outbound connections only.
  • Least-privilege access: Actors at each step of the process between share notification through to download are restricted to only those resources required for their part.

In Control

As the sharing facility, you are in control of your data. You control:

  • What is shared … You choose what data to share.
  • Where its cached … All medical data is retained locally – not the cloud.
  • Who receives it … Vertex SHARE supports both established relationships as well as ad-hoc requests.
  • How long … You determine your own retention policy.

In the Know

Vertex maintains a complete, searchable history of SHARE activity. Know when, what and with whom it was shared; and just as important, when and if it were downloaded.