A cloud-brokered solution utilizing Microsoft Azure for securely combining and sending medical data to patients and providers.
Vertex Share - Secure Image Sharing Solution

The Affordable, Simple, and Secure Image Sharing Solution

Easy to install; no account set up, no cloud storage – Just email a link and a separate Access Code for the recipient to securely stream the data from your facility.

Vertex Share - Secure Image Sharing Solution

Fast and simple to implement, Vertex Share maximizes your cost savings and avoids cloud storage security risks by storing data on your premises.


Designed for any sized facility, only pay for what is actually streamed by the users.

No Cloud Storage

The shared data package is stored locally, eliminating the security risk and cost associated with cloud storage.

Enterprise Data Sharing

Collate, package, and share DICOM studies, paper, film, office documents, visable light images, videos, and other digital content.

Simple to Share

Once processed, a secure email notification with a link to download, and a password, is immediately delivered to selected recipients.

Easy to Receive

Share portal website provides OS-specific, easy to follow instructions for patients and facilities. Selected recipients each receive a secure email and access code simultaneously. No recipient account set-up needed.

Data Streamed on Demand

Medical data is retained locally and streamed, on-demand. Streaming minimizes upload bandwidth, eliminates cloud storage costs, and significantly reduces security risks.

Total Security

CData in transit is always encrypted. Network transport utilizes TLS v1.2. Static data encrypted with AES-CBC 256bit.

IT Friendly

Vertex Share utilizies outbound connections only. It maintains a complete, searchable activity history. 

Contactless Image Sharing

Stream data and avoid non-essential patient visits. 

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