Mobile device management solutions for all devices. Charge, secure, sanitize, and track chromebooks, ipads, tablets, smartphones, vocera, heart monitors
ac-mini secure mobile device charging cabinet

Smart Charging Prevents Over Charging & Battery Degradation

40 bay smart charging and securing rolling cart for ipads, tablets, mobile phones, laptops

Transport, Charge, & Secure 45 Chromebooks, Tablets, or Laptops

Charge and secure 24 bay locker for mobile devices of all sizes with optional UV-C

Accessible via RFID Card, Magnetic Swipe, Touch Screen Display

Charge and secure 24 bay locker for mobile devices of all sizes with optional UV-C

All in one charging and sanitizing solutions designed with efficiency in mind

Helping healthcare integrate mobile digital devices into workflow, advancing communication and collaboration.

Secured Storage

Charging locker solutions simplify almost all workflow for securing, charging, sanitizing, and distribution of mobile devices within your organization.

Data Distributing's range of device management solutions myriad - iphone, chroomebook, smartphone, notebook, laptop, ipad

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