Recommendation Letter for Totoku’s 5Mega Pixel Color Display

I am extremely impressed with the new 5 MegaPixel color monitor by Totoku. The images are truly spectacular, and allow for display of not only the high-resolution digital mammogram images, but other breast-related studies where color is an essential part of the diagnostic display including color Doppler and Elastography breast ultrasound studies, breast MR studies, and images of the histologic pathology slides from breast biopsies. This added flexibility is of tremendous value to the breast imaging radiologist, who can now evaluate all of these studies at the same workstation, and can do so without suffering any loss of resolution. Thank you, Totoku, for this important breakthrough in breast imaging displays!

Michael N. Linver, MD

Co-Director of Mammography, Breast Imaging Center

Performance Monitoring

Cloud Software



  • Continually collects operational status of displays
  • Remotely verifies display quality
  • Manages constancy tests and calibration history and test scheduling
  • Analyzes the information and reports to the system manager


  • Centralization control for multi-hospital
  • Google Cloud Platform

Autism Screening System – “Gazefinder”


A breakthrough and effective tool for early detection of ASD

  • Facilitate early diagnosis of ASD
    • Objectively evaluate the unique eye-gaze patterns of ASD
  • A part of the project of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
  • Promote equipment sales as well as proposal-based business supporting development of an ecosystem of screening, health nurse training, and remedial teaching treatment
  • Possible application to different areas