Vertex CD+ provides an enterprise-wide burning and importing option. 
Vertex CD+

Automated DICOM CD Burning, USB Production; and Importing

Select your setup:

Stand Alone or Enterprise

Vertex CD+ Stand alone or Enterprise

Select from a large array of affordable inkjet and thermal CD/DVD burning and USB production systems to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.

Centrally Manage All CD Burners and USB Production

Securely and conveniently setup, configure, and access multiple CD burners and USB production systems

Separate CD Burners and USB Production Systems from the Server

Achieve enterprise-wide burning by physically seperating CD burners and USB production systems from the server.

Enterprise Access to All Vertex Applications

With a single-server login, users can access all permitted Vertex Platform applications.

Easy to Learn and Use

With a single screen & drag-and-drop functionality, Vertex significantly simplifies the user experience and accelerates operator training.

Import DICOM nd Proprietary DISCs

Transparently import poorly formatted and proprietary DISCs into your PACS- eliminating the need to re-scan a patient or request another DISC.

Attended Workflow

Operators can complete multiple tasks simultaneously for maximum production.

Unattended Workflow

Customizable data profiles- automatically share studies with multiple destinations.

Installation-Free Client Deployment

Click-once deployment technology minimizes IT requirements and streamlines the workstation installation and maintenance process.

PACS Integration and Support

Developed to easily connect with your PACS in minutes, reducing installation cost.

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