Clean & Charge Locker-8

Secured Storage 
Device Management Locker
  • 8 Bay
  • 2 USB ports & 2 outlets in every bay
  • Touch-less design
  • Network capable via hard-line or wireless
  • Accessible via RFID card, magnetic swipe, or touch screen display
  • Customizable security settings with remote administration
  • Intuitive, easy to use and maintain

Clean N Charge Locker-8 offers a secure, centralized, location to sanitize, charge and deploy facility issued and/or patient and visitor personal mobile devices. Equipped with 4 charging ports – 2 USB and 2 outlets each locker bay can charge laptops, tablets, mobile phones, headsets and other devices. UV absorbing, transparent locker bay windows provide visibility to which bay is available without having to touch the display screen. Each bay is equipped with an electro-magnetic locking system to keep users safe while devices are being disinfected.