Medical Wireless Headsets

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  • Broadcast feature for conference and training
  • Physician voice/dictation recording
  • Interference free
  • Up to 30 headset users
  • Headset weighs less than 1 ounce
  • Hands-free and push-to-talk

Healthcare Headset System

Quail Digital Healthcare Headset System is a lightweight, digital, wireless communications system for clinicians, physicians and assistants to talk hands-free as a team in the interventional OR or hybrid suite, at monitoring stations, through adjacent control rooms and ancillary areas. Wireless headsets promote greater attention to accuracy, reduce stress and foster collaboration within the team because communication becomes so much easier. Because it is so simple to use, license-free, and very easy to install, Quail Digital is used in Cardiac Cath Labs, EP Labs, Interventional Radiology, and Robotic Surgery.

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St. Joseph’s Hospital Case Study


St. Josephs’s Hospital had large Cath labs that were converted to OR suites. The intercoms made the acoustics worse in the labs by amplifying the background noise, distracting and causing frustration for the clinical teams. Personnel had to repeatedly ask for instructions from the Control Room.


Data Distributing recommended the Quail Digital wireless headset system which bypasses the intercom system and provides crystal clear communications with its advanced noise-cancellation technology.  The staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital was so impressed by the performance of the initial system, they decided to buy additional systems for all of their Cath labs.

Patient Safety Investment

The Quail Headset System is an important Patient Safety investment for our labs. Patient Safety has to do with our communicating with the doctors during an ablation. It is very hard to hear the doctor between the control room and where he is working on the patient. We must have clear commands as to when we need to ablate. We wouldn’t want to misunderstand or not hear the Dr. and have to put an ICD in a patient on account of poor communication.”

– Manager of Interventional Radiology

The Quail Digital wireless medical headset system is a high quality, hands-free medical wireless headset system

Quail Digital is a high quality, hands-free Wireless Medical Headset System. Because it is so simple to use, license-free, and very easy to install, Quail Digital is used in Cardiac Cath Labs, EP Labs, Interventional Radiology, and Robotic Surgery.

Unlike many other wireless headset systems, Quail Digital was specifically designed to improve communication in clinical environments. Using this system, clinical teams will enjoy clear and discrete communications which builds teamwork, performance, accuracy, and efficiency at your facility.

Despite their small size and being lightweight, these wireless healthcare headsets pack a long battery life; featuring up to 6.5 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge. Headsets come with either a headband or a neckband for choice and comfort.The ultra-light headset weighs just 23g.

Wireless headsets promote greater attention to accuracy, reduce stress and foster collaboration within the team because communication becomes so much easier. The system is also a unique platform for teaching and learning because all the headsets port to external broadcast and audio/visual streaming facilities, enabling physicians to participate in remote broadcasts, seminars and training sessions from the OR. The system can be used to record physician’s case notes in real time and capture all the audio passing through the system.

Security is an important requirement for many hospitals. That is why communications from the Quail Digital Wireless Medical Headset System are encrypted. Encryption technology prevents unauthorized eavesdropping. Plus, the system avoids the analog interference that you may have experienced with other wireless headset systems because it operates in the digital DECT frequency band. Multiple systems can be used in the same facility without interference.

Quail Digital is an important wireless headset system for Cardiac Cath Labs.

Wireless Headsets for Cardiac Cath labs

Featuring advanced noise-cancellation technology, Quail Digital wireless headsets reduce background noise levels significantly. This feature enables your team to communicate with crystal-clear sound. Plus, because the headsets are wireless, there are no cords to limit mobility, enabling your team to move freely between the procedure room and control room.

procedure room intercom

Have an intercom system?

Have an intercom system?

Traditional intercom systems pick up background noise, amplify it, and can make it difficult for staff to hear each other clearly.

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“…Had to choose between Carrot and Quail headsets for our EP lab. Carrot looked big and heavy versus the Quail. Trialed the Quail headsets and was impressed from the moment we put them on. They are extremely light weight and you don’t even feel as if you have them on. The clarity is excellent. And the range is extremely good even in our lead lined labs. Reps that have come in  and used the Quail and really like them too.  Have been using them for a year now and have been extremely happy with our choice.”

Bill Thornborrow / OSF Saint Anthony

Rockford, IL

“Communications in the EP lab have never been so easy; thanks our New Quail headset system.  They work so well, that we (temporarily) moved it to our Hybrid room to trial  a case there.”

John Gaffney / EP Supervisor at Waukesha Memorial Hospital

Waukesha, WI

“I bought the Quail Digital wireless headset system from Data Distributing.  The whole process was seamless, from the sales rep to the customer service department. Data Distributing made me feel like a valued customer.”

Jim / Cath Lab Manager 


“Simply put, I saved about $10,000 buying the Quail Digital wireless headset system and have a product that so far I am completely pleased with. I cannot believe how satisfied I am with the headsets. Our team wears them for every ablation and the headsets really have enhanced our workflow. They are clearly the bomb back in EP(electrophysiology). I just stopped by the department and it is a sea of blue lights. I can’t imagine any facility wouldn’t love these things… If my Neuro IR grows, I would think I would be up for another set. p.s. I actually mean everything I said, they are awesome!”

Rob / Cath Lab Manager 

Eastern PA