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Medical Image Sharing without the Cloud

  • Keep your records in-house and under your control
  • Save time and money while providing more responsive care for patients
  • Achieve seamless patient transfers and reduce unnecessary procedures
  • Streamline image exchanges for you and your network
  • Reduce or eliminate disc-based image sharing

Vaultara System Brochure

Self-hosted image transfer keeps your medical images in-house and under your control.
Skip the risk and volatility of third-party cloud solutions -Vaultara lets you sendor upload-true DICOM images and associated reports directly to intended recipients. You control the permissions and the expiration time for the exchange.

Save money. Save time. And provide more responsive care for patients
Sometimes the best solutions arethe simplest. Who needs the added costs and hassles of facility exchange networks or third-party software? Get and send your studies right when they’re needed-all you need is an emai l address. Once permission is granted, authentication is underway-the file can be either viewed or downloaded according to your specifications.

Cross-device compatibility and seamless patient transfers
Response time matters in healthcare. Misplaced or unreadable CDs compromise efficient patient triage.WithVaultara , the records physicians need to see-now-are viewable anytime, anywhere, even on the road. Transferring patients? Move their studies instantly to the destination facility for uninterrupted care.

Vaultara’s upload feature streamlines image exchanges for you-and for your network, too
You know that CDs have inherent liabilities, and are less supported every day-many newer computers don’t even have drives. But not everyone is modernizing as fast as your facility. Phase out unwanted CD deliveries from external facilities by leveraging our upload feature.

No IT downtime

Implementing a new product or workflow can be a real nightmare, but because Vaultara’s image sharing solution is easy to deploy, IT headaches and downtime due to product failure are things of the past. Using your existing infrastructure allows you to be up and running in no time, with no strain on IT resources or budget. As soon as you’re deployed, you’ll be able to send a record from your office desktop, a tablet in the ICU, or your cell phone on the road. The recipient can then view the images anytime, from any device.

No cloud vulnerabilities

Why not use the cloud? The short answer: we at Vaultara have taken the stance that medical data is too vital – and the stakes of loss or breach too high – to rely on a cloud solution for image sharing. To protect your organization from this kind of vulnerability, we suggest keeping sensitive patient information under your control and guarded by your existing security systems and firewalls. For this reason, we’ve developed a self-hosted software that will minimize risk for our customers, both in terms of security and financial commitment.

No incremental costs

The additional security measures often required to fortify the safety of your data in the cloud can negate the initially appealing price of a web-based solution. There may also be a per-use charge for studies over an allotted amount, so your costs can increase significantly with heavy use. Since Vaultara doesn’t require moving your data to a server outside your facility, you can share as many studies as you need to, without worrying about any overage charges. Our straightforward, fixed pricing provides you with an unlimited number of users, recipients, and transactions.